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mcare service plan for apple devices EXTENDS THE WARRANTY TO UP TO 60 MONTHS GUARANTEES A 3-DAY RESPONSE TIME includes file backup and recovery ENSURES BUSINESS CONTINUITY

mcare service plan for apple devices ensures business continuity

It extends the warranty to up to 60 months, guarantees a 3-day response time and includes file backup and recovery

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life is full of surprises

life is full of surprises

People seldom think about the implications of a hardware failure until it happens to them. How much does it cost each hour, day or week when key personnel in your business are without a computer or phone?

And when something goes wrong, inevitably it comes at the worst possible time — ahead of an important meeting or deadline.

Then what? Your employee calls the IT department, without success. When working remotely at home or elsewhere, the help of your own IT department and official Apple services may be far away. With no-one immediately available to look into the problem, they hurry to the nearest service point. There, after a long wait, the technician hands over an eye-watering cost estimate for the repair work. What’s more, it will take several days before the device is ready.

Jos huoltokeikka tuleekin kalliiksi, niin vielä paljon kalliimmaksi tulevat seurannaisvaikutukset. Fortunately, there is another way.

Entä jos yritykselläsi olisi mcare SLA+ huoltosopimus
What if your business would have an mcare SLA+ service plan

The mcare service plan supports the continuity of your company’s business. It covers all of your company’s Apple devices - Macs, iPhones and iPads. It ensures that during the lifecycle of the devices there are no surprises in terms of maintenance costs or costly downtime in the event of an equipment failure.

Predictability and exceptional security - the most comprehensive service plan on the market for Apple devices as and when you need it

The mcare service plan includes a three-day response time for servicing your company’s Macs, iPhones and iPads. This contractual response time is also valid for repairs to non-warranty equipment damage.

It brings peace of mind for remote workers/employees when the device can be delivered for service through the nearest Posti service point, free of charge. And should the service slip outside of the three-day SLA for example of delayed spare part availability, we offer the possibility to have a loaner device until the device is fixed.

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